In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Most importantly: for love. Ummahatul Momineen Women Orphanage (UMWO) is an orphanage in southern-east of Bangladesh dedicated to providing a loving home, spiritual encouragement, and educational opportunities exclusively for girls abandoned by their family. This enables children to transcend poverty and grow into caring and productive members of their communities. We run an orphanage which cares for local children who would otherwise be left homeless and a vocational training centre which aims to give young girls from the area the skills they need to find employment. It also operates a kindergarten pre-cadet school both for boys and girls in the villages surrounding Madhabpur village. The school offers quality education with morality to the children in a remote village.


So take a look around our website; meet the children, see what we do. We would love to get to know you more, learn about how you heard of our organization and also hear any thoughts or ideas that you might have. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please click the appropriate buttons below. We cannot do this work alone so we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to the family!


The majority of our work can be divided up into what we call our 6 Pillars. Each one a separate field that supports or lifts up our organization as a whole:

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