Support Us

There are many ways you could help UMWO. As with any non-profit organization, there are always many demands on resources. Children to feed, dress and look after, staff to pay, properties to maintain, and medical bills for over 100 children to cover, along with all the other expenses of running the orphanage and training centre, it’s no surprise that funding can get a little stretched. And then there are big plans – We’ve already started our own handicraft training & computer training center, and the building is now under construction – but that’s just the beginning! We want to expand our existing facilities to provide a better environment for the kids that live here, and more opportunities for training and education. There are plenty more children who need our help. Your support will help us improve the children’s living and learning experiences. If you’re interested in getting involved with UMWO, take a look at the suggestions below…

  • Make a donation- If you would like to give money to support the work of Umaahatul Mominen Women Orphanage Complex, please use the donation link on the Homepage or Donations page, or contact us using the information in the contacts section of the site. We like to make sure our supporters know how their gifts are being spent, so if you want a donation to be used for a specific purpose, such as buying school books for the children, let us know and we’ll make sure it happens.
  • Volunteer- UMWO is always looking for people of any age, from any country, to visit us at Comilla, Bangladesh and spend time playing with and getting to know the children. We welcome our visitors like their home to come frequently.
  • Fund raise- Are you involved with a school, university, business club, institution, youth group or other organization? You could help us by raising funds to support the work we’re doing in… Hold a coffee morning, a box to drop money, a sponsored walk – It’s up to you! For some ideas, tips and suggestions to help get you started, take a look on internet.
  • Send us some stuff- With over 100 children to keep clothed, cleaned and entertained, we’re always grateful for any donations , particularly second-hand children’s clothes; toys, books and games that the children can play with. Obviously the difficulty is in getting donations in Bangladesh. – so if you are planning to donate, it might be worth contacting us first to see if we can combine your donation with others and save on transport costs. If you want to send something to UMWO, click this link to go to our address page.
  • Lend us your skills- We’d welcome assistance from anyone with skills or experience which might be useful to us – for example, people with financial or legal expertise, or who have experience of running charities abroad, or anyone with an idea about how we can raise funds or improve what we’re doing. If you think you might be able to help us in any way, please drop us a line – the Email address is on the contacts page and we’d be delighted to hear from you!
  • Sponsor a child- We welcome people who would like to sponsor one or many of the children at UMWO. A sponsorship of 2,500 Taka (approx. $30USD) per month goes a long way to ensuring that they are provided with good food, medical care, shelter and education. This sponsorship money is not only used for the child that you choose to sponsor but also shared with their brothers and sisters at UMWO so that all the children benefit from your valued support.

A donation from a sponsor can help us to provide invaluable educational opportunities for these children. Equally, some of our supporters like to sponsor an individual child cared for by Orphanage. If this is something that might interest you, please take a look at our sponsorship page.