Budget Needs

Above all, we want our supporters and donors to understand exactly how their contributions are being used. The following is a breakdown of the operating budget for UMWO:

Minimum Annual Budget Requirements for Facilities and Orphanage Operation


(Current exchange rate is approximately 78 Taka equals 1 US Dollar):

Expenditures for Children’s Support:  Total Budget Needed for Operating the Umaahatul Mominen Women Orphanage including Facilities Maintenance and Providing Children’s Basic Support:   Students in the complex:

Wood fuel for cook58,800
Vehicle Maintenance30,000
Maintenance and Repairs (miscellaneous)1, 76,650
Facilities Subtotal(Taka) 3, 04,350 per year
Food7, 65,400
Clothing and Uniforms45,920
Medical Expenses15,450
Education Expenses (tuitions, books, and fees)20,000
Salary for Support Staff (cleaning and cooking)2, 95,000
Children’s Support Subtotals (Taka) 14, 17,700 per year
Annually14, 46, 120.00 Taka
Monthly1, 20,510.00 Taka
Students in the complex143